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There are a lot of different levels of log furniture on the market today.  Seems like everyone with a chainsaw and a drill wants to build log furniture (log beds, log tables, log stools, etc.).  This is where I stand out from the rest.  I don't  just "build" log furniture. I hand craft log funiture whose design is carefully crafted ensuring that I use the natural design and texture that mother nature gave the wood, thus creating not just a peice of log furniture but a piece of log funiture with character (see below).

 My name is Rick Lloyd, and as an artist I have been hand carving and combining log furniture and log art for more than 20 years.  My carvings are done using solid wood,  and are free hand drawn.  I only use chisels and knives, I don't use any power tools at all in any of my carvings.  The color on my carvings is from wood stain (no paint).  I like using stains so that I can bring out the characteristics of the wood into the carving, giving them a very uniquie and dimensional feel.  I use over 50 different colors of stain to give the carving it's character and depth.

All of my log work is done with mortise and tenon and is hand done, not factory made.  Living in Montana I have available a large selection of quality logs with character. I personnaly pick out my own logs, and cut my own material so I can get the right character in the wood to compliment my hand carved artwork.  I have done and still do custom carving for clients who want a unique piece of furniture, or a custom carving into an existing log structure or piece of furniture.  So if you have an idea for log bed, custom cabinet, log armoire or and entire kitchen, please call.

Four years ago I participated in the Western Design Art Conference in Cody WY.  Only 100 artists are picked each year for this prestigious event.  I felt very fortunate to have been chosen to compete with some of the best artists and craftsmen in the US. 

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